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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Teen Life Project Reflection

After finishing the teen life project and leaving behing that unit of our english class I have concluye and realize that this was a great oportunity for us to know about other people IN the world, learn their ideals and what they worry for , and along with this also learn searching skills and websites to find about our topics.

During this project I felt very good and interested IN what my topic was, I had the opportunity to express , Search, and tell people about the topic I choose. I was real Into the topic and felt good with all the things i talked about this topic. I thought my opinions where really constructive and that what I said was not the long bored text, but my opinions together with all the información i learned IN an interesting way.

Also, working with a partner IN your same school, and the other schools IN the teen life project who were interested IN your same topic and who you talk with to determine what things cold be good to talk about, was also very exciting and good because everyone helps and the información gathered is very rich IN ideas and good for the people who reads your document.

By the other hand, making all your información go good Into a documentary for your topic and IN which the images where good to match with the información you talked about was difficult but very recomforting for the project. I thought that making the información sound good IN a way that it didnt sounded as a normal text but as a person whas talking about nit IN a documentary was goIng to be too difficult for me and I thought i wasnt gong to be able to make a good documentary. Still when I view all my información and kind of corrected it to go with good IN the documentary with the images, I saw that with efforT and with the help of my partner we would have done by the end a great job IN the project.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Preventing Eating Disorders

I had said that my next step for my research was to research if illegal drugs influenced on eating disorders. However I realized that knowing what can we do to prevent eating disorders was also a good point for my research, so I went to a google link and research for this topic.

As a society, people can prevent eating disorders by looking always our behaviors and daily attitudes toward things. By this we can understand how to prevent eating disorders in our culture. Teasing and bothering people by weight and body shape leads women to start an eating disorder. Conversations and activities that always include talking and just focusing on thinnes,weight, and dieting may also be harmful and lead to eating disorders.

Movies, magazines and comercial products promote models that are not realistic but jut show and give a message of physical appearance ; beauty and weight. Women are always represented on magazines, movies, and tv by this single women who is unnaturally thin and who’s not like normal women. By seeing this, we have to conclude and realize that we are always going to have different shapes and sizes.

Dieting may also want to push as to change our body to something we are not. Some women have accept that dieting is part of our growth, restricting calories can cause serious psychological consequenses like having inabilities in school, such as tiredness, and depression. In fact girls who constantly diet are most likely to gain weight than those girls who don’t diet.

Accepting this not logical standards to meausure bodies may also create eating disorders behaviors and form low-self esteem. It is always very difficult to fight against this ideas thas form in our heads, but we can always try. People together can defeat this mind-set of ideas that create eating disorders on women if they put effort.

Also, many doctors are working to find out new treatments for eating disorders. The development of promoting awareness of eating disorders in schools as well as having a healthy attitude to our body image and food is one of the things that would help preventing eating disorders. Plus, nacional effort into communities is also helpful because their going to form health centers for those people who have eating disorders and help them by treating them early. By the other hand, health professionals and researchers are always in the constant research of new ways to prevent eating disorders and find new treatments.

I think that preventing eating disorders is something that everyone should do. Though, some people think that they are never getting an eating disorder, is always good that we look at out behaviors and always try fighting against this some mental ideas that form in our minds, that can create us a serious problem; eating disorders. For this, we should always be watching what goes throught our minds.

I also think that it’s very important that people realize and love theirself like they are. You should always feel good and beautiful and can’t be always thinking of how other people are because you want to be that perfect woman with the perfect body and face that it’s not even real. That’s what people want us to think, but in real life their’s always going to be women with defects. This suposely “perfect woman”, who has no defects and its perfect at everything;its unrealistic and we have to understand it, in other to have a happy life.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

What Happens to Babies Born From Mothers With Bulimia?

As I had said, my next step for my research was to find out what happen to children who whad mothers with active bulimia. I find out in a Google link that mothers who decide to have a baby when they still have bulimia have babies with birth defects. Mothers with eating disorders would always have a higher risk of having kids with defects than normal healthy womens. Babies cold be born premature, wich means that you baby is born befote the 9 months, which makes the baby to have low biirth wight that can lead to have other medical problems including dying.

Premature babies can have other problems such as learning disabilities,lungs disease, and psychiatric illnesses like anxiety and hyperactive disorder. This babies also have increased chances of having an infant death , sometimes the baby may seem healthy but still they dont reach the expected adult age, what makes their life’s shorter. In fact, the more premature and low birth weight the baby has, the more chance of disabilities it would have.

The most common illnesses that this babies who survive and are born from mothers with active eating disorders are ushually blindness and mental retardaTion. Health problems in babies of women with eating disorders may not appear before the middle age of the kid because what can happen befote this ages may be a health permanent problem.

Researchers also investigate about the people that were born during the Dutch famine in World War II. Mothers just had little amount of calories a day, which made that most babies died befote birth or shortly after it. Many of the babies who survived seemed to be fine and healthy and even some times had a normal or near a normal birth weight, but when they went through the middle ages get chronic diseases in a more higher risk than born people from mothers who ate.

This made doctors concluye that babies born from mothers who had starved, may be born withought diseases at first until middle ages where they get most of diseases. Diseases that include heart and vascular illnesses and others.

I think that women who have active bulimia shouldnt have babies at that time of their life’s because they are affecting a person and their self’s by having a child who is gong to suffer because fo its defects. Also it is worst for themselves because their child cold also die or have an illness like blindness or mental retardación that can be worst than dying. For my opinion having a baby when you are a bulimic is so meeting very serios because your giving life to someone who may suffer a lot because of its defects and have many difficulties. That baby may not accomplish many of what he wants to do in his future because of its disabilities.

For me women who have babies when they have bulimia , is sort of an act of selfish because they would suffer but also their baby. Having this defects is very dissapointment specially because as I said for many people it can be worst than dying. My advice for the womens who want to have babies is that first they stop this illnes with medical help and then ask your doctor if when you are a normal women then, who just had bulimia before but aren’t anymore can have a baby. That should probably better and give you a better chance of having a normal, healthy kid.

My next step for my research which I have to investigate for my project is do drugs influence on having an eating disorder? Which I think it would help my project to be very complete by answering this question to people who are interested to know.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Family Reaction to Eating Disorders and Celebrities affected

Family role when eating disorders has made a lott of controversy. Parents, have been historically lamed by people for doping so meeting wrong when they have a child with eating disorder or for not doing enough. Girls who grow up in a family with many problems and abuse have a high probability of having an eating disorder like anorexia and bulimia. This may happen unless they get help to manaage their emocional reactions to their problems by a new study.

Undergratuated students where make part of this study quere asked some questions about their childhood family enviroment and childhood trauma. They took tests to see if they were depressed, had difficulties expressing their emotions and if they also had eating disorders.

By the research they found out that family conflicts and other problems, as well as other phisicallly and emocional abuse during childhood may cause eating disorders. The researchers by this have the right to blame some times familias for causing their daughters to have eating disorders. Family problems lead to phisical and emotional abuse and neglecet. In this kind of family enviroment, girls grew up withought that emocional support from their parents that they need..Also depression in family reaction, may also cause eating disorders. This way should be some help for this girls that have high risk family situations, to help them with their depressions and emotions and by the other hand preventing eating disorders in this girls.

Hollywood has been a great influence in eating disorders, many celebrities have become under this eating disorders lately more and more. An example of a celebrity with eating disorders is Nicole Richie who is anorexic and is extremely thin. A doctor who was interviewed to talk about nicole richie in a televisión show said that is she doesn’t stop dieting, she coUld die becaus eof the dangerous position in which she is now.

Still Nicoles rep dinies that what she has is an eating disorder, and when they asked why nicole was not gaining weight, they said she was workin g with a group of doctors and specialists for her single nutrición, but that this wasnt an eating disorder treatment. What was sad is that many of the anorexics refuse to have help and nicole richie abandoned the treatment 72hrs later, and then for the worst part she was seen Irving against the traffic on a southern california freeway because she was using drugs. So what People don’t know is if she is so skinny because of anorexia, drugs or worstly both.

Other celebrities like Ashley Simpson, Sister of the actress and singer Jessica Simpson admitted that she was affected and valed with an eating disorder in her pre-teen years. She learned from that experience and now loves her body, she says she has good curves. And also hates when women lost their curves because is not sexy and beautiful to be a bone.

For last Victoria Beckham the ex singer of the group Spice Girls for the first time also admitted that she suferred an eating dirsorder. She made her reveletion of this eating disorder in a autobiography that was pubished then, on the newspaper. Still Beckham her husband has denied that she had anorexia in the past and descibes her illnes as a time that she was obsessed with her appearance.

This is how lately models, and celebrities and normal people have had bulimia, anorexia and other many eatig disorders and are always in the risk of the dangerous place that they can die. If they refuse to treatment and denie they have an illnes like this ones, people can’t help them and then it would be too late. For this everyone should be concern and know that to be a bone and extremely thin is not sexy but extremely ugly in this momentos when you see that a person starves herself.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders have been very common in the past years. The most common of these eating disorders are Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge-Eating. Anorexia involves not giving your body food, this happens usually to young women. Bulimia is more likely to starve and purge constantly which is more common in adults. Binge-Eating which is similar to bulimia means compulsive eating.

Emphasis in super-thin models has been blamed by people to be one of the causes of the increasing in eating disorders. Still some experts say that though this can affect how they see themselves, the reasons of eating disorders are more complex, and it is usually because of their feelings of self-worth.

People estimate that about 5% of the young girls in England are affected by anorexia. Boys and children are more likely to be affected.
Feminists say that is not the images of super thin models what makes women to be unhappy with their bodies but the still sense that some women’s have of self-worth whether they please men.
Anorexia nervosa is a form of international self-starvation that starts from diet carried to extremes characterized by obsessive behaviors and by denying they have a serious problem.
Lack of food haves the body withought proteins and prevents the normal metabolism of fat. Symptoms of anorexia include extreme loss of weight , hunger, excessively exercise, to choosing low calorie food and hiding food. Another big problem anorexics have is that they can be extremely thin but still they see themselves with over-weight.

Treatment for anorexia may need hospitalization, which involves force-eating as well as giving them advice for healthy eating and counseling. Some doctors say that when a persons bodyweight has become below a certain level of weight, this people are no more capable of making decisions.
This is why before they guide doctors and tell them they could force-feed anorexics over the age of under mental health act. But it had to be shown that the anorexic was not capable of making rational decisions about their condition.

Other treatments for patients of this illness includes group therapy, family counseling , psychotherapy and antidepressants..

Bulimia Nervosa:
Bulimia is more common than anorexia but it is not as physically dangerous. However purging, can cause rupture in the esophagus and cause mineral defiance and dehydration what can cause serious health problems. Bulimia is characterize by binging and starving.

Bulimics can have irregular periods or even stop having periods at all because the excessive use of laxatives and purging., this using of laxatives can cause stomach disorders. Laxatives don’t reduce weight but reduce other things in the body that make it have the appearance of losing weight.

The excessive purging can cause teeth decay and other serious problem in the mouth and throat that can be long term implications. They have been estimates that some anorexics are also affected by bulimia and that some bulimics have had history of having anorexia. People who suffer bulimia tend almost always to be older than anorexics, spend more time to recover and commit more to suicide.
Treatments for bulimics include drugs like antidepressants, behavior modification, and having also education of healthy eating.

Friday, February 02, 2007

My Favorite Things of The Place Where I Live

Today Im going to talk about the question that Kate in Mr.Fisher's class post. The question was " what was our favorite part about living where we live". Well I would like to live in another place that wasn't Colombia. I have always wanted to live in Spain, because I really like that place. But some of the favorite things why I like to live in Cartagena is because I live really close to my friends and places are so close to my house(well most of them). Cartagena is very little or mostly the place where we live and we could normally go to places walking together(with your friends),but most of the time when you are with your parents you drive to all the places still.

We always have so much fun in the restaurants, parties and places we can go withought the risk of thiefs and those people around. In the night when you'r not alone but with a group of friends is too difficult for someone to make you something. Besides many people hang out at that hours of the night so we are around people we might know. Another thing I love of the place where I live is my school, I dont love homework though but my school is very fun. We always have sports tournaments from stuco, parties,and other events in holidays and spirit days that I love my school organize. I also like that we always have the opportunity to go to other cities and go to the other SACS school in Colombia. We meet new people and also met new places.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Our School Uniforms

My respond for this week is about the question that Amber from Ms. Baber’s class, post in the Teen life wiki. Her question was if we wear uniforms at our school and if so, what do they look like. Well yes, almost all private schools in Cartagena use uniforms, and we do. They are the same as some years ago, and of what I heard no one says its a problem to use them. Students say that they like their uniforms, and Im part of those people. I like my uniforms and I prefer to use them than to use clothe, because you have always to think in what clothe is appropiate to put in school and all that stuff, and it is more easy to use uniforms always.

Our uniforms for normal days are a navy blue skort with a white polo style shirt, with our seal at the left of the shirt. The p.e days we have ti wear a navy blue short and a normal white shirt with the seal. I mean my uniforms are better from the other schools uniforms I have see a lot, and I wouldn't have any idea of changing them, for me they are alright. I hope how are the schools teenlife project uniforms if they wear them. Or if they wear just normal clothe like other school in the United States where I have seen it most.